1 : What is Duel of Signs®?

Duel of Signs® is a free to play card game, playable online and offline. It’s a fun and user-friendly game! Players pick one of the eight champions and start playing two-on-two. They can use powerful powers to destabilize the adverse camp or to turn the round to their advantage.
The goal of the game is to exchange your cards with the one offered and to alert your partner thanks to a secret sign, as soon as you have a “quads” or “four of kind”¹ in the hand. If your ally sees it, he launches a “Kems”! If the opponent camp didn’t see it, you win!
Be careful… if you are not discreet, this is the end! You can also use fake signs to confuse them! Develop your strategy!

¹ : four of a kind / quads = conbinaison of four cards with the same value. For example : 8 of hearts, 8 of spades, 8 of diamonds and 8 of clubs.


2 : Is “Duel of Signs” difficult to understand and to take in hand?

Not at all! This is an easy to play game. When you launch the app for the first time, a tutorial helps you better understand the game.


3 : On which plateform is it available?

“Duel of Signs” is available at this time on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® on App Store® and Android digital tablets / smartphones on Google Play®. It will be also available very soon on Amazon Apps®.


4 : How to download the game with my iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®,  tablet or Android phone?

Just download it for free via App Store® for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® . Available here

Just download it for free via Google Play® for Android® . Available here


5 : I don’t understand how it works. Where can i find the rules?

You will find it in the settings (top right corner icon), in the “Rules” tab or by clicking  here (directly on website).


6 : I skipped the tutorial and i want to see it. How can i do?

You will find it in the settings (top right corner icon), in the « Help» tab : click on « rerun tutorial ».


7 : It is possible to bo connected with 2 different accounts on the same device?

Of Course. When you switch off the game, you have the possibility to connect with another account. If it is a new account, the game will begin with the tutorial.


8 : Is it advised to use Facebook for my “Duel of Signs” account?

Totally. It is recommended to synchronize your Duel of Signs account with Facebook. Thanks to the social network, you cannot lose your game saves if you change your mobile phone for example. When you download the game on your new device, you have the opportunity to connect via Facebook to get all your datas back.
On top of that, we provide you a bonus!


9 : Is Facebook mandatory to play?

No, it is not. You can play with a Duel of Signs account as well!


10 : Do i need an internet access to play?

No. You can play offline with training or advendure mode. However, you need an internet access to play with other players.


11 : Is it possible to restrict purchases in game with parental control?

Yes, you must configure it directly on your device.


12 : Is an internet connection needed to play in multiplayer?

Yes. Two options : connection via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.


13 : How to improve “Duel of Signs” performance on my device?

On certain Android devices, you can turn the “energy saving” mode off .
See the documentation submitted by the manufacturer of the device for more information.


14 : I cannot buy gems from the shop. Is it normal ?

You need an internet access to see gems’ price and to buy it in the shop.


15 : What should i do if  i have another question?

Contact us thanks to the contact form: here