The greatest champions encounter in the most epic Duel of Signs battle!
They have been invoked in the world of Rapa, the God of Kems!


“Hubert” “The resistant”, is a french man, leaving in Paris. Baker the day, thief at night, Hubert has two totally opposite personnalities.
A very kind man, with a strong temperament.

Jack O’Brill

“Jack O’Brill” “The Captain”. With its strong experience, this old man participated in many “Kem’s” tournaments in many ports.
Do not underestimate Jack’s power, in spite of his age.


“Carloso” “El Bandido”. Immediately recognizable by his large size, he is one of the most powerful crooks and he is a very talented musician. He spends his time betting on Kem’s tournaments.
It is better not to annoy him…


“Lucius” “The Centurion” is the biggest Kems champion of the Roman Empire. This bodybuilder is convinced of his power and he thinks he is invincible. Nothing could stop him.


“Maelys” “The Shepherdess” is an independent farmer living in Scotland, in a small village.
She trained her most loyal sheep “Jaco” and she became his rider.


“Wing” “The Ninja” lives in the tropical jungle. Versatile, she learnt the art of disappearance. With her long cape and her wooden stick, from which she is never apart, she hides herself easily and remains discreet.


“Frida” “The Valkyrie” comes from a Scandinavian faraway country. Strong in every sens of the word, she loves party and fight.


“Damoris” “The Pharaoh” is the biggest Egypt Pharaoh, fair and honest. He was paralyzed by Rapa during his sleep. The Egyptians thought he was dead and they buried him in the deepest pyramid. Rapa woke him up and brought him to his universe. Since that day, he dreams of revenge.

New heroes are coming… Rapa has not yet said his last word !